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Black Pods Pro


Ever since the introduction of BlackPods, the brand has been improving them with every new model they introduce to the world. Now with the launch of Black Pods pro that is the latest addition to the respective models, they have pushed the wireless earbuds to their limits. Not only does Black Pods Pro possess power-packed features, but has that awesome innovative and stylish look they are famous for.

Here’s everything you need to know about BlackPods Pro:

Key Features:

  • Smart sensor.
  • Enhanced noise cancellation.
  • Trackable.
  • Water, dust and sweatproof.
  • Smart Battery case.
  • Wireless chargeable case.
  • Enhanced sound quality.

Why Black Pods Pro ?

Though there are not a lot of frills and fusses, compared to previous models under the title, Black Pods still have something more to offer. At a point that it may not be “a lot” for some users, but for others these additional capabilities can prove to be a life saver. For example let’s take the water or dust proof feature. In the previous models like BlackPods 3 we didn’t have this one and users were moaning about it.

Moreover there’s active noise cancellation, allowing you to talk in peace while being in a noisy location or enjoy music flawlessly. A true blessing, don’t you think? I mean you don’t find this in every earbuds model, not even in Apple Airpods. Apart from that, BlackPods pro are pretty much the same as its previous counterpart. Oh, not to forget the enhanced sound quality!

How’s Connectivity

The good news is, BlackPods have universal connectivity and can be paired with any iOS or Android device having Bluetooth 5.0. You know what’s, even more, to adore about them? Black Pods Pro does not have any device-oriented features which mean you get to enjoy the same juicy stuff whether you are an iOS or Android user. With over 70% better connectivity than any of the previously introduced models, they are a top-notch choice for anyone.

Control matters

In terms of control, BlackPods Pro is really easy to handle. And by this, I mean you can use them even if you don’t know anything about that “wireless earbuds” stuff.

Here’s the control guide if you are a newbie:

  • Press the force sensor once to pause, play, or answer a call.
  • To skip to the next song in your playlist, tap it two times.
  • To play the previous song or replay the same song, press three times.
  • To switch between active noise reduction and transparent mode, just press and hold.
  • If you are an iOS user, say “Hey Siri” for getting directions, making a call, or getting directions.
  • Say “hey google” for the aforementioned purpose if you are an android user.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, isn’t it?

What’s in the Box?

Don’t expect a lot of Mumbo-Jumbo stuff in the box. You’ll just get the basics required to keep the thing running. Here’s what you get in the pack:

  • 1x BlackPods Pro.
  • 1x Wireless charging case.
  • 1x USB charging Cable.
  • 1x Manual.
  • 2x Pairs of extra earbud tips.


Well, now that you know all what is necessary about the Model, let’s move on to the extra questions that people often asks about BlackPods, or specifically about BlackPods pro:

What Makes BlackPods Pro better?

The water and dust resistance and active noise cancellation, of course. We don’t find these two features in any of the previous models.

Are they manufactured by Apple?

NO, Black Pods™ is an independent company that doesn’t have anything to do with Apple Inc. They produce their own version of earbuds that are more economic, power packed, and equally good for any device user.

Is the Battery Good?

Battery is pretty much the same as the Black Pods three with over 5 hours of listening time. They could have made it better, but 5 hours is plenty. Don’t you think?

Are BlackPods Pro any good?

Looking into the features, Black Pods pr has a lot to offer, especially when compared to the white Apple Airpods.

What is the price?

Keeping the prices of Apple Airpods, and previous models of the BlackPods, BlackPods Pro has a comparatively higher price of $90, which is $30 more than the Apple Airpods even. Really high, isn’t it?

Worth Buying?

Well, I’ll be real honest with you here. If you already have the BlackPods 3 in your ears, just don’t go for the BlackPods Pro until you are dying to carry them to your bathtub. Moreover, even if the BlackPods Pro has enhanced noise cancellation, many people apparently don’t need it as a prime necessity.

So in my opinion, upgrading to this model of the BlackPods may not pay off to you if you don’t necessarily need these two features because to talk about overall performance, it’s pretty much the same thing in new packing.

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