Black Pods 3 [Official] – World’s Sexiest Pods + Free Shipping

Looking for something that can replace those white Apple Airpods with a bit more style and quality, Black pods 3 version are something you should consider. With equally good features and classy black color, not only does it deliver a great overall listening experience but adds to your style.

Moreover, unlike the conventional white earpods which don’t give all the benefits on android devices, Black Pods with its latest version 3 lets you enjoy all the bells and whistles without any device-limited restrictions.

As the main purpose of this article is to tell all the essential stuff about BlackPods 3, I think we should jump into some basic and necessary information to let you know more if you are newly introduced to this counterpart of the earbuds.

What are Black Pods 3 ?

Black Pods 3.0 are actually one of the latest versions of the Black Pods, a counterpart of the Apple Airpods packed with more features than usual. Having enhanced sound quality, fine bass, and faster response time, it beats its competitors in almost any department. The battery life is comparatively more than the previous versions of black pods, having 3-5 hours of listening time. Not to mention the classic design adding to its beauty. In simple words, Black Pods are just a perfect alternative for conventional Apple earbuds with much more features.

Are BlackPods 3 good?

That’s something everyone asks before considering their choice. As a matter of fact, Black Pods 3 are good in each area you test it. From sound quality to connection, design, and other features, it doesn’t let us down in any area.

Moreover, being extremely fast, fitting, and easily controllable, they are just a great and much better alternative for Apple Airpods. Anyone looking for style and quality can easily pick this one up. I mean who doesn’t want something that is equally good on android and iOS at the same time, rather than something that is limited to just one of these?

What’s the price?

Well, by every means, price matters the most for everyone, and quite rightly. I mean you can’t just get anything for whatever it costs. Luckily, the Black pods three costs much less than the Apple Airpods with equally good features, or maybe most when we compare.

At one hand when Apple sells you their earbuds at more than $60, keeping the fact in account that they are undoubtedly iOS oriented, the Black Pods costs almost half of it with equally good quality stuff. Like who doesn’t like something that costs cheap and gives more? Moreover, with that classy look, you just can’t let it go ignored!

Are they made by Apple?

A big NO. In fact, Black Pods are by itself a brand that has been giving some strong competition to the Apple Airpods for quite a while now. Looking into everything that you get with them, Black Pods has been one of the most obvious reasons that White earbuds have witnessed a significant drop in the sales. I mean they give you what you are looking for, despite any device oriented restrictions. Ain’t that juicy?
Waterproof or not?

Regarding the question that “Are Back pods waterproof or not?”The company has provided no exact explanation. So assuming the fact that the original Apple Airpads are not apparently waterproof, you may not expect these to be necessarily either. Just don’t take a bath with it, the least I could say in this matter ;).

Control is necessary!

Control is something that can either frustrate you about wireless devices, or may make you fall in love with them. Ignoring the Mumbo-jumbo stuff you witness in most of the wireless earbuds, Black Pods 3 just kept it simple. Having touch controlled functions, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it, just move your finger gently, that’s it!

Connection’s pretty good

Having bluetooth 5.0 connectivity support, expect it to be connected to your device within 31-ft of range. Moreover, being equipped with the latest chip, Black pods three wil connect like a charm to your android or iOS device. Moreover, once you put them in your ears, they will automatically sense it and get connected. And if that’s not enough to bring you ease, the sound will get paused if you remove any of the buds from ears, which is pretty great and time-saving at the same time.

Worth Buying?

Already an iPhone user with a nice set of White Airpods, I won’t suggest you go for the Back Pods until you are dying for that extra “cool dude” stuff. However, if you are an android user, or an iOS user who doesn’t have wireless buds in the first place, then I’d strongly recommend you going for the Black Pods for quite obvious reasons.

Not only are they stylish but have all those qualities you are looking for. The plus point is, you get equal features on both android or iOS without any device oriented stuff. The price is quite impressive when you look at what Black Pods 3 give in return. From sound to looks and design, these have got you covered in every way. Honestly, until you are that Apple obsessed freak, you can’t let Black Pods 3 slip outta your hands.

Final Verdict

Not to say much, for what was necessary has already been discussed quite comprehensively. All I would say in the end is, that Black Pods are love. Give them a try and you’ll adore them. I mean, feature packed beauties are hard to find…

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